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Tart cherry manhattans served in coupe glasses

Muskegons, a.k.a. Michigander Manhattans

Guess what, everyone? It’s officially brown liquor season! Grab your favorite whiskey, sit your ass down, and enjoy this cool fall weather. Watch some college football, dive head first into a new Netflix series, go sit outside for some fresh air, or whatever your…

Posted by Shaun on October 3, 2020
Photo of mixed skinny paloma served in a rocks glass with lime slices

Skinny Palomas

Annie and I have a saying – we don’t drink our calories unless there’s booze in it (we never said we were role models). So when it comes to cocktails, we’re going to look for ways to avoid full octane ingredients, especially juices. This…

Posted by Shaun on August 30, 2020
Photo of passion fruit daiquiri served in a coupe glass garnished with basil

Passion Fruit Daiquiris

This isn’t the overly sweet, frozen abomination that most people think of when they hear the word ‘daiquiri’. This tart and refreshing cocktail started out as a total experiment and turned out being our new summer favorite.…

Posted by Shaun on August 30, 2020